Sunday, 7 August 2016



                    The endless road,                                         Frustration is a hope
              an infinite point,                                           that can't be undone.
              the balance on the horizon,                           Perseverance is a wish
              the stable thought,                                       scratching the clouds.
              the firm step,                                               Beat by the holy sun
              the constant look,                                         i want to go left
              without the blinking of an eye,                       but i do right.
              the shine hitting                                           The judge is in me
              where you can't see,                                     criticising the view,
              the white reflects,                                         nothing worst to say
              what you can't feel.                                      around so much vacuity.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

What's Happenin' Miami?

Can't miss! when the peacock is calling for mating, opening all its attributes is the best way to call anybody's attention. Find them at Fairchild Garden in Miami with all kind of tropical birds and nature to enjoy with your camera, with your family and with yourself and wander with this metallic feathers!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

What's happening in Miami!

This abandoned fabric (Wynwood old rc cola plant) is full of graffiti and things to bang till you feel relief! Right on Wynwood neighbourhood Excellent for filming or photo-shoots. You can just sneak through the open fence and enjoy the riot! I did a Dominatrix photo-shoot with 12 women believing they were wild cats running through Mount Lafayette!

Sunday, 17 July 2016


At the threshold they wait. Impatient to cross over, the father sits on the floor with a straight posture, chin up and arms on his lap, looking at nothing but straight to it. He has to hold the character, for the sake of the rest of the members or everything would fall apart (at least that is what he thinks) like the little dirty looks to his wife and the carrying games with his son. They all wait for the show to end. Tired of pretending and entertaining distant minds that they will never meet. She also sits down with her legs crossed over each other, just like her arms, letting her hands to hang in the air, letting gravity doing its thing. Curved back, watching the little one, she stare at him imaging a better world for him, running and jumping off massive gigantic trees, hunting birds or playing with squirrels. But he is against the wall, next to the threshold waiting to open and get out of that hell their living in to get in into another hell they rest spiritless.

Saturday, 9 July 2016


Y entre bullicio y cherries se escuchó el ritmo en un umbral místico, con sabor a madera y uva seca. Las voces sombrías de la melodía simbiótica que pertenece e incluye, es intrínseca y extrovertida. La melodía que canta y grita con ritmo, y sonríe en un cuarto tenue con olor a mano roja del aplauso que nunca acabó donde todos sus fluidos de sabor a frutas frescas se sumergen en la fantasía mística de una música que suena a su alrededor, hacen del ambiente una combinación de placeres mágicos y sensaciones extraordinarias extremeciendo su cuerpo de la misma forma que la rosa abre sus pétalos al viento

Thursday, 11 February 2016



"I want to sail my soul in so many ways that it will brake into particles and spread all over hitting people inadvertently making them stop for a millisecond forming an awkward instant in their lives. That instant where you don't know what just happened but didn't stop you for doing what you were doing. And probably i did already (more probably to myself because it happened) and you didn't notice...dahhh ( or for people that say "obviously")
The un-dahh or the opposition to the obvious is generated by those little moment in life where we can't acknowledge what is happeing, and we adjudge it now to the particles of a soul broke into pieces sailing away (after all we are all matter)"


Friday, 29 January 2016


On the road we seek, even though we don't know what are we looking for, we know is there, we feel it and we go for it.
On the road we find our way, by necessity like water in a crevice.
There we share, we fight, we meet ourselfs, we don't let go the stubborness because is in our skin, but we know that isn't always good, you have to let go, so you welcome the new.
Without that road we feel lost, we need guidence, we'd like to see it without watching it. Sometimes, in those brilliant days we closed our eyes and we do see it like we would have made a Monet from scratch, but it wasn't a Monet, it had something different, something unique. Yes, something like us.